Art & Design Hackathon

Non-human Defenders Design Conference ©

— a shaped wish for participation and action

In this hands-on-workshop we will organize a convention of non-human defenders. We will engage in a design infowar as defenders of non-humans.
All critters, from tentacular creepy crawlers to canines and higher primates as well as non-living entities such as mountains and rivers need defenders. The inhabitants of Terra, creatures of all kinds, human and other earthlings, need to find a meaningful way to live and die in our multi-species muddle. Forms of agency, perception and experience exist beyond the the human condition: Artificial intelligence counts with different time than the climate, Capital, the Moon, a road-bump, a starfish, a rock, slime pod, squid, atomic weapons, bacteria, genomes, carbon, molecules and homo sapiens.
Choose your non-human companion and stand by them :) Non-human vectors ↔ detectors and lectors need you! Let’s embrace our Oceanic Feelings and make a joyful fuss about these matters.
Join the workshop run by Lucie de Bréchard, Samuli Saarinen, Sascha Krischock, and Tereza Rullerova of Sandberg Instituut Design department —Think Tank for Visual Strategies.
inspired not only by reads of Donna J. Haraway Ξ Staying with the Trouble: Making Kin in the Chthulucene (Experimental Futures)

Date: 6. – 7. February
Modes of production: hands-on!
Location: Kunsthalle am Hamburger Platz
Spoken language: English, hands and feet